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Bridging Gaps in Relationships through Tantric Massage

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When you are in a relationship, you can increase the intimacy between the both of you through tantric massages or sensuous massage therapy. This helps you and your spouse in many ways if done in the right manner. Many people tend to misunderstand how sacred the technique really is.

There are multiple processes involved, of both the mind, and the body. First you must prepare a situation where you will have no disturbance whatsoever. Tantric massages in Hong Kong ensure that such surroundings are maintained when going through an erotic massage. It is vital that you are not disturbed in any way.

Remove obstacles to the process: This is important because the first step to this therapeutic massage is to create a certain space which includes only the two people present. You have to create a mental space that does not allow any worries or other such hindrances in the way of the therapy. Make it a point to switch off mobile phones and have no access to anything that is irrelevant for those couple hours.

The skin is a sense organ that is not always fully used. Erotic massages focus mainly on erogenous zones of the body so that your libido and sexual drive is increased. Once this energy starts to flow, it becomes easier for you to forget about stressful things that are going on in your life and concentrate solely on the person with you.

Focus entirely on the receiver: If you are taking part in tantric massages, you have to decide whether you are the receiver or the giver mutually with your spouse. Once you have done so, do not trespass on that boundary that you have created. Once a person is receiving, ensure that the entire focus is on that person alone. Whether this eventually leads to sexual intercourse or not is irrelevant and completely up to the receiver.

Explore different parts of your spouse’s body and focus on breathing. If you tune your breathing according to the receiver’s breathing, you will find that the process becomes easier because you are on a similar wavelength to each other. Internal massages and sexual activity require preparation because the therapy is to accentuate the experience by simply heightening the response to touch.

You may even use certain accessories like feathers and scented oils and candles to set the right mood for relaxation. Enjoy the process and do not equate it to a normal massage. This kind of massage is meant to ease out your mind and body.

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