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Uniform Savoury HK$1400

A full-savoury sensual massage including unlimited releases in 60 minutes, to be performed by our stunningly beautiful masseuse in fan-tas-tic uniform.

item-1Innocent School girl

newWhether for a yummy reminiscence of school age fantasy, a legitimate relief for a paedophilic urge, or simply a natural affinity towards the upskirt school-uniformed, we are here to provide the answer. When arranging your appointment, also feel free to let us know your choice. We have barely-legal real-life schoolgirls as well as voluptuous mature in tight school uniform.



Fetish Flight Attendant
As opposed to American flight attendants, the Asian version are all young beauty queens in sleek pantyhose, sexy high heels and tight trimmed silhouette. Although feminine and soft-natured, they all know how to strictly discipline their passengers so don’t ever try to hijack her without permission. What’s more, first class one-on-one attention to all details, from lip to toe.

item-2Dominant Nurse New

newFancy to be intimately examined by the purest madam in white gown? Or is it time for a prostate massage treatment? No matter what you have in your mind, rest assured our masseuse in their purest professional dress code will meticulously check on your physical and spiritual symptoms and administer the appropriate remedies hands-on.


item-4Bubbly Bunny Rabbit
Yes it starts warm and fluffy, patiently then it becomes wet and spongy. Do not rush, don’t manhandle, as she is fragile. Take good care of her with a loving heart, then wait for her to reciprocate and submit to your wishes.



Body Worship HK$1800

A 60-min fully naturist interactive body-to-body slide including uninhibited, boundless savor of your goddess head to toe, in whatever arty fashion of your preference, as long as it does not pose any health threat or cause bodily discomfort to your goddess.

item-5Yangtze Nectar

newThe Niagara Falls, the Amazon rainforest, the Paricutin, nothing compares with the exhilarating Yangtze Valley. Gently embrace her fountain and harvest a free flow of honeydew. It’s the path to immortality.



TantriCat Bath
“Utterly Yummy!” – The Daily Telegraph
“Simply irresistible.” – The Guardian
“…I want to say one thing to the American people. I want you to listen to me. I’m going to say this again: Its awesome.” – B. Clinton

item-6Pink Toenails New
newCome nightfall. You’ll be waltzing through my door when you hear me call. And I love the way you suck I’m your baby doll. And you’ll find me sitting there in my pink toenails…



Wroship at your style
We understand that goddess worship comes in various artistic forms. Here we are providing a few delicious and popular examples. You are welcome to express your creativity and imagination with style. Sky is the limit.



Gourmet Smooch HK$2000

A lustful presentation of mouth-watering refreshment and dessert of your choice. Avant garde sensual entertainment not for the faint-hearted. A perfect marriage of erotic artistry and delicacies. This 60-min, edible version of the body worship, is an all-time favourite for those who have achieved a gastro-libidinal resonance in advanced human evolution. Since all ingredients must be procured fresh from our nearby delicatessen, appointment shall be made by phone/sms before 7pm.

Tutti Frutti New
A showcase of tropical passion, our tutti-frutti angels would demonstrate to you how mouth-watering a “Nyotaimori” fruit platter can be organise…Bop bopa-a-lu a whop bam boo. Tutti frutti, oh Ruby.



Sushi Sashimi
This is specially designed for the busy and health-conscious people like you. A light, nutritious meal for your body and an intensely nourishing treat for your mind, to be consumed simultaneously. You may opt for her natural nectar instead of wasabi. Since this is to be consumed intimately so you don’t have to be frustrated with the chopsticks.

Vanilla CreampieNew
Probably the craziest erotica in the world, With white french creme as the material, your hands & her toes as the 3D printer, there’s no limit to imagination: yoni ice-cream, Princess Snow White, frozen milk bar, Yogurt-ass, just to name a few.

item 12

Cointreau On Ice
A secret drink recipe of the liqueur certain to enthrall even the most selective of epicurean. Slowly drip on to and flow through the voluptuous contours of her ridges and valleys, let it quietly blends in with her scent, before you cat-sip under her body warmth. This is how we appreciate the perfect Margarita in an oriental context.








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