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Outcall Happy Ending Massage Hong Kong


nyotaimori11As friends grow up together and later on grow old together they have one thing in common. That one thing is that they have enjoyed new experiences with each other every step of the way, and shared them. So when my friend and I were younger he took me to my very first massage parlor and we got massages. IT was a great experience to share with a friend and we were both so relaxed that it was a weekend to remember.

We always try and include each other when we try new things, and even though we both were married and had our own separate family lives we still stayed in touch over the years. So one point in our lives we happened to get the chance to travel to Hong Kong together and did a lot of site seeing. While we were there we also decided to try the massage services that Hong Kong had to offer, and compare them to what we were used to back home.

We asked our hotel concierge if there were any massage parlors around and he told us that there was an outcall massage in Hong Kong. We had no clue what that meant and he explained that the service would come to us, instead of us going to it. And while that sounded appealing, we wanted to experience a little more than that.

After arriving at the massage parlor and looking everything over we decided to try something we had never done before. And since our wives were at home, we had every opportunity to do things we would not have otherwise. So we asked for the Hong Kong tantric massage.

I’m not sure there is a word or phrase that can truly explain so much that went on with this massage. It was creative, embarrassing a little, sensual, erotic, relaxing, and comforting all rolled into one. To this day we do not talk about it to anyone but ourselves. However we both know that if we travel there again than a tantric massage in Hong Kong will be in our future.

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